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Pleasure and decadence are on stage at « Pulloff » theatre in Lausanne. Geoffrey Dyson presents a play tinged with fear and lust  in Lausanne. We loved it. 


Published on 17 February 2007

The play shows two artists, the painter William Hogarth (Frank Semelet) and the writer Henry Fielding (Pierre Banderet) victims of the whims of Queen Caroline and the Prime Minister,  Horace  Walpole (both  historical characters). 

However, at the very heart of the play, the author portrays heart-beaking dire situations. Take for example Sarah – a role outstandingly interpreted by Sibylle Blanc, livid and ravaged – She is a murderess, who at the eve of her own execution, wants to get back her own portrait.

Another example is Luisa, (Anne-Catherine Savoy)  who under her looks of a she-devil is just a broken-hearted prostitute or Jane (Virginie Meisterhans), the disillusioned, goodhearted and pious wife  (...)


soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur


Pulloff, Lausanne. Jusqu'au 4 mars. Durée: 2 h 20. Rés. 021 311 44 22. Théâtre de Valère, Sion. Le 6 mars. Rés. TicketCorner. Théâtre Benno Besson, Yverdon. Les 8 et 9 mars.



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