musique originale et sound design de Jérôme Baur

Mise en scène : Giacomo Ravicchio
Assistante à la mise en scène : Sophie Niget
Avec : Marc Amyot, Guy Lafrance et Karim Yazi
Décor : Emmanuel Dougier assisté de Lionel Claude
Additif au décor : Eric brossier
Musique : Jérôme Baur, Guy Lafrance et Giacomo ravicchio
Costumes : Chantal et Olivier Ernoult
Image super 8 : Marc Amyot
Lumières : Nicolas Prosper

Marc Amiot

Karim Yazi

Guy Lafrance

  1. -English -

Somewhere in the future, just around the corner, a terrible epidemic stemmed from agriculture  has devasteted the earth. Goverments decided to get in  charge of food supplies which are now distributed in tablet form. Food is now in the hands of big multinationals that have  hence found new means to get richer and richer. 

Food-processing industry together with goverments control citizens thanks to a great many helicopters and curfews. You aren’t allowed to plant or grow anything !

Three poor guys share a hut, lost in what was previously a «workers’ vegetable garden». There, people don’t seem to be totally law-abiding...

This play was written and first performed in 1995 by  Kygel Theatre -  all former students of the clown school « Lecoq » - directed by  Giacomo Ravicchio, music by Jérôme Baur.

Thanks to this play  Giacomo Ravicchio and Jérôme Baur met. A  great friendship and working partenership started and it’s still going on!

« Dérapage » was a visionary play as Mickael hadn’t denounced yet the food-processing and food genetics industry!

original sound music and sound design by Jérôme Baur

a play by KYGEL Theatre Company,

Guy Lafrance, Karim Yazi, Marc Amiot

Director : Giacomo Ravicchio

soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur

play - stop - Theater Cie KYGEL

© jerome baur / sacem - suisa - sacd